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Income Solutions

Steady income to support your retirement lifestyle

Important notice: Some of the content included on this page may no longer be current due to proposals announced in the 2016 federal budget on March 22, 2016. MD is monitoring these proposals and will update content in due course. To learn how the 2016 federal budget may affect you, please read MD’s budget summary. If you have questions about how you or your financial plan may be affected, please contact your MD Advisor.

Insured annuities and MD series T units offer Canadian physicians and their families tax-efficient investment solutions that produce steady, reliable income.

Insured Annuities

An insured annuity strategy combines the guaranteed, sustainable income of an annuity with life insurance to protect the value of your estate. An insured annuity strategy is an excellent pension plan alternative. Your MD advisor will help design an insured annuity solution that meets your personal needs or those of your professional corporation.

Insured Annuity Solutions for Individuals

Insured annuities generate guaranteed sustainable income for life, which is both higher and more tax efficient than other fixed income alternatives. You can also use insured annuities to preserve your estate for your heirs.

  • guaranteed cash flow for life
  • maximize income from tax-efficient sources
  • preserve your estate for your heirs with life insurance
  • improve estate settlement and eliminate probate fees*

Insured Annuity Solutions for Incorporated Physicians

The MD insured annuity strategy allows your corporation to benefit from a source of guaranteed, sustainable cash flow during your lifetime. It’s also a more tax-efficient way to distribute income to shareholders and maximize estate value for your heirs.

  • guarantee and sustain cash flow for your corporation during your lifetime
  • supplement retirement income from your corporation
  • get a tax-free payout of life insurance proceeds to your professional corporation
  • enhance estate values for your heirs or favourite charities

Contact an MD Advisor about insured annuities.

MD Series T

Series T solutions are a special class of mutual funds that provide monthly tax-efficient cash flow from return of capital (ROC) distributions paid out at a fixed rate, and allow you to defer tax. And, because series T solutions are invested in the equity market, you can stay fully invested and continue to benefit from potential market growth. MD series T funds offer exposure across Canadian, U.S. and international equity markets, allowing you to diversify your portfolio..

The series T units are available through these existing MD investment solutions:

  • MD Balanced Fund
  • MD Dividend Fund
  • MD Income & Growth Fund
  • MD Equity Fund
  • MD Select Fund
  • MD American Value Fund
  • MD American Growth Fund
  • MD International Value Fund
  • MD International Growth Fund
  • MDPIM International Equity Pool
  • MDPIM US Equity Pool
  • MDPIM Dividend Pool
  • MDPIM Canadian Equity Pool

Contact an MD Advisor about MD series T.

Contact an MD Advisor

Working with an MD Advisor is the best way to determine your optimal asset allocation.

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