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Funding my children’s education

Minimize taxes and maximize benefits with the MD RESP and MD Family Trust.

Tuition fees are rising. An MD Advisor can help you integrate an MD RESP or MD Family Trust within your overall wealth management plan so your children get the education they deserve.


Opening an MD RESP is an excellent way to ensure that the educational needs of your child or grandchild can be paid for without impacting your future lifestyle. An RESP is a special savings plan offering generous government grants and tax-deferred growth to help maximize education savings.

MD Family Trust

MD Family Trust can be used to fund just about anything your child or grandchild needs. You can pay for private school or university tuition, help a young adult purchase their first home or establish their own investment portfolio. Learn more.

Automatic Grants

Contact an MD Advisor

Contact an MD Advisor to help you understand the benefits of an MD RESP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your questions and learn why an MD RESP is the right choice for you. See RESP FAQ

MD Savings SnapshotTM

The MD Savings SnapshotTM can help you see where you stand today and where you might be heading.