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Talk to us about your practice and personal financial goals.

Important notice: Some of the content included on this page may no longer be current due to proposals announced in the 2016 federal budget on March 22, 2016. MD is monitoring these proposals and will update content in due course. To learn how the 2016 federal budget may affect you, please read MD’s budget summary. If you have questions about how you or your financial plan may be affected, please contact your MD Advisor.

Continuing Medical Education and Seminars

Improve your practice—attend a seminar or CME cruise.

Learning About Physician Incorporation

Seize investment opportunities, save taxes and achieve greater financial security

Keeping Your Practice Healthy

Diagnose practice management problems and turn challenges into opportunities

Funding My Children’s Education

Minimize taxes and maximize benefits with the MD RESP and MD Family Trust

Managing Wealth

Investments, insurance, estate planning and banking all exclusively for CMA members

Contact an MD Advisor

Contact an MD Advisor to discuss all your financial and practice needs.

MD Savings SnapshotTM

The MD Savings SnapshotTM can help you see where you stand today and where you might be heading.

On-Demand Webinar: Salary Or Dividends?

On-Demand Webinar: Salary Or Dividends?

One of the great things about incorporation is flexibility when it comes to compensation.

Watch now to learn more about your options.

Billing for Quebec Physicians

Optimize your revenue with, the only online billing solution that's simple, secure and customized to your practice.

Learn more