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Who We Are

Owned by the Canadian Medical Association, MD Financial Management’s only business imperative is to enhance physicians’ financial outcomes by focusing on their distinctive needs and operating in their best interests.

Supported by more than 45 years of physician-focused experience, MD’s Advisors and teams of experts provide a comprehensive financial plan, advice and solutions specific to physicians’ needs at every stage of their career, from medical school to practice and through retirement.

MD’s Advisors work on salary, not commission. Without incentives to sell any particular product, our Advisors provide objective advice that is in our clients’ best interests.

Objectivity is also part of our unique approach to fund management. It’s an approach based on disciplined oversight and unbiased selection from among the world’s best asset managers.

Our priority is for clients to meet their financial goals, not for us to maximize corporate profits.

MD delivers industry-leading value by providing physician-focused advice and asset managers from among the world’s best, at some of the lowest fees1 in Canada.

Our History

Putting physicians first since 1957

Our Leadership

We are led by a skilled team of senior executives and governed by the CMA Holdings Board of Directors

The CMA Group of Companies

A corporate family that puts physicians first

Awards and Accolades

Proud to be recognized for business excellence, investment performance and customer service

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News and Publications

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