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Dedicated to helping those who help others

Join a talented team of dedicated individuals at MD Financial Management. Owned by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), we have one mandate: to help Canadian physicians and their families achieve financial well-being. We take care of their financial health so they can focus on what they do best. Find your place at MD.

A culture of excellence with a clear mission

“[This job] is made for a person who wants to do the best that they can for their clients.” – Mike, Portfolio Manager

Our culture is focused on being the best at what we do. We understand the unique financial needs of Canadian physicians and we work hard to maintain the trust that they place in us. With more than 45 years of experience, we are able to anticipate physicians’ needs, understand their challenges, and appreciate their expectations.

Collaboration is key

“What motivates me to come to work every morning at MD Financial Management is really the work atmosphere here, the teamwork.” – Jean, Senior Financial Consultant

With more than 1,350 employees in 49 offices across the country, communication and collaboration are essential to our success. We have the tools, technology and infrastructure that allow us to share ideas and information seamlessly. Our open environment includes regular interaction with senior executives, where everyone is encouraged to contribute feedback.

We call it work–life integration

“It’s pretty amazing actually. The work-life balance is great. Everyone is really accommodating…it’s very flexible.” – Julie, Trade Centre Representative

We believe in giving people the freedom to work their way. At MD, we look to results, not the clock. Our flexible work options mean that employees can meet personal commitments while fulfilling career aspirations. Our positive work environment fosters a highly motivated workforce: our people are the driving force behind MD client satisfaction.

We never stop learning

“At MD, I’ve been able to develop my leadership, communication, and project management skills and that’s really given me not only the experience but also the confidence to be successful in my career.” – Charlene, HR Project Coordinator

We are proud to attract talented people with inquiring minds. We provide training and educational opportunities for our employees to further their careers and better serve the needs of our clients. A focus on learning encourages creativity and free thinking, which, in problem solving, can lead to dynamic solutions.

Rewards come in many forms

“I used the personal development budget to hire a personal trainer as well as to pay for some courses for professional development.” – Barb, Marketing Manager

MD offers competitive compensation and flexible group insurance benefits, and is fully committed to acknowledging employee achievement through reward and incentive programs. Our attractive defined benefit pension plan is augmented by the same financial planning and investment services provided to CMA members. We do our best to accommodate our employees’ needs and we offer excellent work–life options, including flextime arrangements. Purchase programs covering additional vacation, computers and fitness equipment are also available.